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Tamizh Futurism

There’s a significant absence of consideration as to how our history may be understood through the lens of our colonizers and our cultural appropriators. By (Un)building the existing narrative of neglect, stereotype, and misrepresentation which was the result of various cultural invasions, appropriations, and geopolitical conflicts, new possibilities could emerge within the investigation that showcases the contributions of the Tamil culture. The point of departure of this idea is Thamizh Futurism. It’s a movement that tries to reclaim the lost past by envisioning possible futures through a critical examination of the ancient history, philosophy, lifestyle, and literature of the Tamil language. This acts as a trajectory to a possible vision of tomorrow and this speculative reimagining will allow for alternative histories of space, identity, and representation.


Thamizh Futurism is the celebration of the Tamil culture through the speculative lens of Art & Architecture. It aims to not just make the history relevant to the present scenario but also to envision a Tamil future through Art & Architecture. The formal aesthetics of the objects were inspired by the Tamil architecture built between 1010 CE and 1205 CE. The objects were designed through the interpretation and combination of Tamil grammar, Tamil Sangam literature, and Tamil onomatopoeia. The objects are a commentary on issues related to Diversity, Representation, Inclusivity, Power, Authority, Accessibility, and Hierarchy through a contemporary take on Sangam Tamil Art, Architecture & Literature. 


As much as the movement tries to emphasize the importance, the legacy, and the contribution of the Tamil language & Culture globally, its focus is to not polarize but give every culture its due credit. Thamizh Futurism tries to emphasize that Tamil is not just a language but a culture, and a philosophy, that deserves to be heard and It narrates its importance, its relevance, and its place in this global society. 

- Adhavan Sundaramurthy

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