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Tamizh Futurism - An Experience

Tamil Futurism is a vision of possible futures that are steeped in ancient history, philosophy, literature, and tradition of the Tamizh language. Heavily inspired by the "AfroFuturism" movement, Tamizh Futurism celebrates the legacy of Tamizh culture through the speculative lens of Art & Architecture. In spite of its rich history, the language, its tradition, its culture, and its people are being continuously neglected, stereotyped, and misrepresented due to Socio & geopolitical reasons. And also, over a history of cultural influences, invasion, colonization, conquest, and repression, the distinct architectural elements and technological logic of Tamizh architecture were lost.


The movement aims to not just make history relevant to the present scenario but also to envision a Tamil future through Art & Architecture. It strongly believes that Tamil is not just a language but a culture, a philosophy, and a way of life that deserves to be heard. And Tamizh Futurism narrates its importance, its relevance, and its place in this global society. The intention is to not polarize but give every culture its due credit.


In this exhibition, a series of Objects, motifs, Architecture, Patterns, and poems act as an agency to deal with current Sociopolitical issues on different paradigms. It’s a commentary on issues related to Diversity, Representation, Inclusivity, Power, Authority, Accessibility, and Hierarchy. The form and the aesthetics of the objects and patterns are a contemporary take on Sangam Tamil Art, Architecture & Literature. 

Music Credits: Santhu Omkar

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